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This page will be the home for music and art work inspired by Flaming Tunes




Beguiling The Hours

This was performed live on Resonance Radio's Clear Spot show on the 27th May and features Mary Currie, Howard Jacques, Mick Hobbs, Martin Harrison, Rick Wilson, Helen East and some ships.




This was improvised by Agueda Varela in 2010 using the segments of Gareth's lyrics that appear in the graphic on the front page of this site, arranged by MfH.



Generous Moon (backing) Mick Hobbs and Stephen Wright

This backing track was prepared for the occasion of the Gareth Williams Memorial Concert at 93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane, London. On Thursday 7th March 2002. Nick Goodall, Mary Currie and Helen East provided the missing vocals. Also on the bill that night were Wire, Gareth Sager, Mukul Patel, Charles Bullen, L. Voag, Charles Hayward, Viv Corringham and Dave Bernez, amongst many others.

Mick says: 'I left the UK the morning after GW's 'wake' on the last day of February, so was sadly absent for this performance. If this track sounds anything less than complete, we'd like to think of that as a poignant reminder of absent friends'.



Gareth Williams beach

Tim Harrison had not heard Flaming Tunes first time around, but the reissue of the CD inspired him to immediately cut some visuals to two of the tracks, Breast Stroke and Restless Mind, unaware of Colin Harrison's (no relation) colaboration with Gareth on a video for Breast Stroke, (see below).

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Colin Harrison worked with Gareth in 1989 shooting footage on super 8 for his song, 'Nothing On'. It was not completed at the time, but Colin has done a new edit to coincide with the release fo the CD. Click here to read Colin on the 'Nothing On' video. He is also working on a a new cut of the 'Breast Stroke' video.

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