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From Rick Wilson

A brand new box of tape and freshly cleaned recording and playback heads
A room as dedicated as space will allow
A set of ideas to run with anticipation into the unknown
The world is full of songs
How I wonder what you are

A stretched groove to cover most possibilities
Something sturdy to lean on
One step forward
Small musical events
Never knowing where a fragment might go
-A subsidiary gesture or a central figure
A turn of melody never far away
Was that a take ?
Surely not

All sound sources duly considered
Fearless of the low fi
Fearless of the hi fi
A restless mind plays between the layers
Subtle harnessings of material and arrangement
They say that effort is an inexhaustable source
The time it takes is the time it takes
Beguiling the hours

Naked versions racked high in the mix
Inspired versions buried low
Upsetting prediction
Mixing the amateur with the pro
Throw away the original idea
The best weapon is the weapon of learning