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I vaguely remember Gareth at school....continuedc

by Mary Currie

Gareth was keen to be working on music again and I was happy to be involved.  We were both into tunes.  Little phrases were usually discovered on the Casio which was a present to my small son and I.  In Gareth’s hands the tunes were added to, shaped and layered and turned into things of beauty.  Flaming Tunes.  We were fortunate in being able to borrow a four-track Portastudio from a community music making project – Contagious – and before that we managed with an early version of the ‘ghetto blaster’ which belonged to my brother and allowed some kind of overdub facility. It was on this device that Gareth and I recorded ourselves making up a tune to a poem by Rudyard Kipling – The Fires.

‘Across the high hills and the sea
And all the changeful skies
The four winds blow the smoke to me
Till the tears are in my eyes’

Not always other people’s words, but quite often.  But they were always our flaming tunes.

The words for Beguiling the Hours were from Delacroix’s journal which I had been interested in when I’d continued with the history of art studies after I stayed on in Cambridge and Gareth had left. 
Time is precious and yet it’s easy to be distracted.
‘think of the wealth that awaits you instead of the emptiness constantly carrying you outside yourself – away from inner satisfaction and a clear memory’